You are being invited to take part in a research study that consists of filling in an online survey on Transactional Analysis.  Before you decide it is important for you to understand why the research is being done and what it will involve.  Please take time to read the following information carefully and discuss it with others if you wish.  Ask us if there is anything that is not clear or if you would like more information by emailing the researcher (  Take time to decide whether or not you wish to take part. Thank you for reading this.

What is the purpose of this survey?

The aim of this survey is to discover what aspects of Transactional Analysis (TA) are effective and how they can help clients. This survey is part of a larger project which systematically reviews all the research literature and which will summarize the evidence-based components of TA. Both this survey and the literature review will be used to develop a better understanding of the mechanisms of change and the experiences of TA practitioners. We will use this in future publications, such as peer-reviewed journals, handbooks, and training. You will only need to fill in one survey, which will take about 30 minutes.

Why have I been chosen?

You have been asked to participate in this study as you are a member of a professional association in Transactional Analysis and/or have been asked by a colleague to fill in this survey.

Do I have to take part?

It is up to you to decide whether or not to take part. When you decide to take part, we ask you to click on the link to the website of the survey. We start the survey with the question whether you consent to participate (‘consent form’). If you decide to take part
you are still free to withdraw at any time and without giving a reason.  If you do decide to withdraw from the study then please inform the researcher as soon as possible, and they will facilitate your withdrawal.  If, for any reason, you wish to withdraw your data please contact the researcher within a month of your  participation.  After this date it may not be possible to withdraw your individual data as the results may have
already been published.  However, as all data are anonymised, your individual data will not be identifiable in any way. A decision to withdraw at any time, or a decision not to take part, will not be communicated with the Transactional Analysis Association and will not affect the services you may receive from them.

What will I have to do?

When you do decide to take part, click on the button that says ‘start the survey’. You will first be asked to agree with an informed consent statement. After this, 50 questions will be asked, the majority of which are on a 5 point scale, for example ranging from 1, ‘I totally agree with this statement’ to 5, ‘I totally disagree’. The other questions ask for an open answer. Each question has the option of not answering, but we would like to ask you to answer as many questions as possible. Please fill in the full survey at once as your answers will only be saved when you click ‘submit’ at the end of the survey.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of participating?

Filling in this survey can help you to reflect on your practices, which can help you become aware of opportunities to improve your practices. We do not expect that filling in this survey could negatively impact your mood, but there is small likelihood that our questions could make you reflect on parts that you have not looked at before. In this unlikely event of worries, doubts or questions, please contact your supervisor or direct colleagues. However, if you want to speak with a TA expert involved in this project, you could contact Dr Biljana van Rijn,

Will my taking part in this study be kept confidential?

The research team has put a number of procedures in place to protect the confidentiality of participants.  You will be allocated a participant code that will always be used to identify any data you provide. We will not ask you to give your name or contact details.  All electronic data will be stored on a password protected website and computer which can be accessed by the researchers of this project and research regulatory authorities. We will ask some socio-demographic questions, but you are not required to answer these (age, gender, country, type of practice, educational background). All information you provide will be treated in accordance with the UK Data Protection Act.

What will happen to the results of the research study?

The results of the research study will be used as part of a research project that has been funded by the European Association Transactional Analysis. The results will be reported to them, and may also be presented at conferences or in journal articles.  However, the data will only be used by members of the research team and at no point will your personal information or data be revealed.

Who has reviewed the study?

The study has received full ethical clearance from the Research ethics committee of the Metanoia Institute in London, United Kingdom.

Contact for further information

This survey is conducted by the Metanoia Institute in London. If you have any questions about participation in this study, please contact the Principal Investigator of this study, Dr Joel Vos:

You can also contact the Head of Faculty for Research Strategy and Innovation, Dr Biljana van Rijn, who is a co-investigator in this project
Metanoia Institute Research Committee has given an ethical clearance for this project and can be contacted at Metanoia Institute, 13 North Common Rd, London W5 2 QB, 0044 208 5792505

Again, thank you very much for your